Joe Biden warns Russia of the “high price” for Ukraine attack.

US President Joe Biden has warned Russia that it will pay a high price for its attack on Ukraine.


US President Joe Biden has said the US Justice Department is convening a special task force to monitor the crimes of Russian oligarchs.

Speaking during his State of the Union address, US President Joe Biden said, “We, the United States, stand by the people of Ukraine. The United States and our allies will defend every inch of NATO with the full force of our collective power.

The Ukrainians are fighting with pure courage. Putin may make gains on the battlefield but in the long run, he will continue to have to pay a high price.

The U.S. Justice Department is assembling a special task force to monitor the crimes of Russian oligarchs. We join hands with our European allies to find and capture your boats, your luxury apartments, your private jets.

We will join our allies in closing US airspace for all Russian aircraft. Our economy created 6.5 million new jobs in the United States last year. More jobs have been created in a year than ever before.

Putin may have surrounded the Ukrainian capital Kyiv with military tanks unless he would never win the hearts of the Ukrainian people. He can never weaken the determination of the free world.

Costs have risen around the world since a Russian dictator invaded a foreign country. In the war between democracy and dictatorship, democracy is now on the rise,” he said.

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