Top 10 Best Hidden Deep & Dark Web Search Engines Of 2020

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The deep web is content you can’t find on a search engine, such as your personal email account, social media accounts, and online banking account, branded pages or a private database of a corporation.

The only difference between the deep web and the surface web is that a thin layer of security walls prevents the public from accessing content on the deep web. Most of the information we access on the Internet requires authentication, such as your online banking portal or e-mail account. Imagine if anyone could use Google your name to access these accounts.

Your most personal information would be communicated worldwide. Websites do not index these authentication-protected Google pages for good reason-only some people, not everyone, should have access to them.

The deep web, however, is not entirely without fault. Although the dark web only accounts for 0.01% of the deep web, this tiny sliver is probably the most dangerous part. You cannot access the dark web via a standard web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari-you have to download an encryption software such as Tor. Tor anonymizes the identity, location and data transfers of users, so that there is a lot of crime on the dark web.

According to a study conducted by two cyber intelligence experts, more than half of the dark websites offer illegal products or services. And it is practically impossible to track any or all of these criminals.

What is Hidden Web Search Engines?

Both Deep web & Dark Web refers to Hidden Web search engine. The terms “deep web “and “dark web “are often interchangeably used-although they are not the same thing. The dark web is technically a small sliver of the deep web, which accounts for 0.01 percent, but the horror stories you hear about the dark web do not actually occur on the deep web.

In fact, the majority of the content on the deep web is very similar to the content found on Google, the surface web. And without knowing it, we use it every day.

What is Deep Web Search Engine?

Deep Web is the data that is not indexed by a standard search engine like Google or Yahoo. The Deep Web refers to all web pages that search engines cannot find, such as user databases, web forums required for registration, webmail pages and pay wall pages. Then there’s the Dark Web or the Dark Net–a special part of the Deep Web hidden.

The Deep Web and the Dark Web are the fascinating subjects for the Netizens. However, when you hear the term ‘ Deep Web’ or’ Dark Web,’ you usually classify it into one. If yes, you’re mistaken.

What is DARK WEB Search Engine?

Dark Web is where you can operate without tracking, keeping you completely anonymous. The Dark Web is much smaller than the Deep Web and consists of all sorts of websites selling drugs, weapons, and even hiring murderers. These are hidden networks that prevent their presence on the surface web and their URLs are tailored to.onion.

These [website name].onion domains are not indexed by regular search engines, so you can only access Dark Web with special software-called the TOR. TOR is free, and downloadable by anyone.

Many of us heard about the Dark Web when the largest underground online marketplace on the Silk Road was dismantled after an investigation by the federal authorities in the United States. But what if you can still dig in your regular browsers the Darknet content without the need for TOR?

Top 10 Deep Web Search Engines of 2020

  1. Yippy
  2. Pipl
  3. Fazzle
  4. Not Evil
  5. MyLife
  6. Wayback machine
  7. SurfWax
  8. Google Scholar
  9. DuckDuckGo
  10. Start Page

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