Top 10 tips for implementing IoT

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Top 10 tips for implementing IoT
  1. Don’t get blinded by cool technology. Align the application of technology to your community’s current strategies, goals and objectives.
  2. Explore what some cities in Singapore and South Korea are doing in this space, and learn from their experiences.
  3. Encourage an environment of freedom, experimentation and prototyping.
  4. Design a pilot that addresses a measurable public problem and promises quantifiable benefits, results and return on investment.
  5. Partner with the private sector to move to an operational setting.
  6. Whenever possible, make information and data available to the public for educational purposes and to encourage third-party innovation.
  7. Ensure the IT infrastructure is ready with ample bandwidth and strong security.
  8. Plan for the scalability of things versus people, particularly
    when it comes to connecting and managing all of these devices.
  9. Pursue IoT training to gain familiarity with the technology.
  10. Understanding the policy landscape, and communicate frequently with all stakeholders.

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