We will definitely be killed by fellow soldiers after the war – Russian soldiers fear


As the war on Ukraine continues for the 16th day in two weeks, Russian troops trapped by the Ukrainian military say they will be killed if Russia returns after the war.

Some Russian soldiers who surrendered to the Ukrainian army met with the media in Kiev. A Russian soldier who spoke at the time feared that he would be killed by his comrades after the war. “Since the day we left for war against Ukraine, we have been told that they are presumed dead and when we contacted our parents recently, our parents told us that all of our funerals were ready,” he said.

Soldiers who surrendered after the war would be repatriated, and if they did, they would be shot dead by their own troops, he said. Meanwhile, a Russian officer trying to protect a 20-year-old Ukrainian girl from Russian troops was shot dead by fellow soldiers.

The war on Ukraine has been going on for over two weeks. The Ukrainian administration says 12,000 soldiers have been killed on the Russian side. However, the Russian side says only 498 people have been killed so far.

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